Asset Inspection

Providing imagery of live assets with minimal cost or risk.

Mining, Power and Utility companies continue to benefit from the use of remote sensing technologies by assisting to reduce downtime and overall cost, while improving overall levels of safety. The utilisation of equipment like drones and laser scanners for asset inspection, reduces time and cost whilst minimising risk.

Our drones are equipped with the latest sensors providing high resolution digital still and video, as well as thermal images of live assets. All images are provided via high quality HD downlinks for live viewing by engineering and inspection teams.


With consequential loses due to production shutdown resulting in significant cost, a proactive maintenance system is essential.

Live asset inspection with drone technology permits engineers to monitor the infrastructure utilised throughout all stages of production, preempting component failure and allowing the maintenance team to plan minimum shutdown times.

Our sensors include high definition live video, optical and thermal imagery transmitted to inspection teams located on the ground.

The data is collated and inputted into planning programs, allowing a systematic proactive approach to asset management.

  • Thermal Imagery detects potential problems not visible using standard cameras
  • Archived still imagery and video for comparison of assets over time
  • Inspection of assets whilst in operation

Oil and Gas

The utilisation of drone technology in the oil and gas industry allows maximum efficiency whilst focusing on maximum safety.

Our unmanned systems can be fitted with thermal and live video sensors used for the inspection of flare tips and booms whilst the asset is live. Utilising this technology allows maintenance teams to inspect from a safe location, identifying defects and proactively planning maintenance for a period when replacement components and required personnel are onsite. This approach reduces unnecessary and costly asset downtime.



Water, Power and Gas utilities are relied upon for year round functionality.

Sensorem works with service providers to implement an ongoing inspection program to ensure that any asset maintenance is planned for, allowing minimal downtime. The use of drone and laser scanning technology allows live, elevated structures to be inspected expeditiously and minimises the requirement for humans to scale the asset, resulting in significant financial savings and minimisation of risk.